Ikea | Roommate Rumble

Ikea's Roommate Rumble Campaign tackles college's biggest problem:


Direct Mail

Ikea mailed incoming college students a stack of coupons.

Each coupon presents a situation they might run into with their new roommate, and showed them how Ikea could help them out.

Social Media Game


The Roommate Rumble game is a Facebook application that allows roommates and friends to have it out!

The twist is that instead of attacking each other, the 2 characters are only able to perform acts of friendship, working together to lower the rage bar at the top.


The rumble starts! The game takes inspiration from classic fighting games, which many college students grew up with.

Player 2 starts off the round by giving a gift!

Player 1 reacts with a paralyzing, and beautiful, smile.


The 2 players finish off the round with the ultimate move: the mighty high five!

By working together, they were able to destroy the rage bar, earning each of them a real life coupon to use at Ikea. Each player can customize their avatar, and matches can be recorded and posted on each other's wall.