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Social posts for various IBM clients.

Client: IBM Connections Cloud

Message: Content created with IBM Connections and Verse is guarded by enterprise-grade security.

Caption: With simple privacy controls, IBM Connections and Verse let you manage how you share data.


Caption: Connections and Verse helps by letting you organize, track, assign and share your



Caption: Messaging, file-sharing, live huddles—IBM Connections and Verse keep it all together.

Caption: IBM Connections and Verse promote workplace collaboration, brainstorming and sharing.


Client: IBM Global Technology Services

Message: IBM Cloud Brokerage can help you choose the right combinations of cloud services.

Caption: Cloud brokerage can bring your IT solutions together as one.


Client: IBM Verse

Message: Migrating to IBM verse is quick and easy.

Caption: Cloud-based email saves money and spurs collaboration. See how 500,000 mailboxes migrated over.

Client: IBM Digital Experiences

Message: IBM delivers web and mobile access to healthcare services.

Caption: Now doctors can unite patient data, from forms to records. Learn about IBM Digital Experience.

Client: IBM Connections Cloud

Message: IBM helps your business connected and efficient.

Caption: Engineering firm Bengt Dahlgren keeps its companies independent but in sync.

Client: IBM Global Business Services

Message: IBM GBS helps you make quick decisions in a collaborative environment.

Client: IBM Global Technology Services

Message: IT as a Service helps fight shadow IT.

Caption: Don’t let #ShadowIT attack. ITaaS can rise up to the challenge. #Maythe4thBeWithYou

Client: IBM Social Business

Message: Shadow IT can be a force for good.

Caption: Employees are uploading company data to third-party apps. IBM can help you adapt.

Too much collaboration is counter-productive.

Your best collaborators are overwhelmed.

BYOC actually hinders collaboration.

Shadow IT is costly.

Client: IBM Social Business

Blog: The Top 5 Collaboration Challenges ... and How IT Leaders Can Overcome Them